About Us

3MSe is an innovative BMS and energy management specialist. We work closely with our customers and end users on all aspects of our work to maximise customer satisfaction whilst maintaining value for money to build long term relationships.

Our design and delivery team approach each BMS and energy management project with the same enthusiasm and commitment. We work across a range of different industries and project types such as the following.

  • Data Centres

  • Shell & Core

  • Basebuild

  • Office Fitouts

  • High End Residential

  • BMS Control Upgrades & Retrofits

  • Energy Management Surveys & Consultations

  • Maintenance & Callout Contracts

Our Services

- Projects

- Maintenance

- Energy Services

Contact Us

3MSe Ltd, 1st Floor,

18 Bevis Marks,


Tel 0203 793 2318

Email info@3mse.co.uk

Company  No 9275136 Reg in England at 1st Floor 18 Bevis Marks London EC3A 7JB